Goal : Do not pass 99.
Number of players : From 2 players.
Requirements : card game, glasses and drinks

Rules: Shuffle the cards and deal four cards for each player. Then the players take turns placing a card on the table. When discarding, each player must say the new total value of the stack.

For example player 1 starts with a seven. Then he shouts when discard 7. Then he takes a card so that he has four cards again. Player 2 then plays a nine, for example. He calls 16 and also picks up a new card. This continues until 99 is reached. Whoever passes 99 with his card must drink.

To make the game more fun, there are a number of cards that have a special function in the game. Here the value of all cards and the cards with special meanings:

Ace1 or 11
KingThe value of the king is 0. Whoever throws a king may appoint someone to drink a drink. If this player also throws up a king, the adje is returned.
Woman10 points
farmer10 points
10When rolling a 10, 10 points are added to the total value, or 10 points are subtracted. The player who tosses this card gets to decide.
4Skip a turn. Not the player after you, but the player who rolls the 4 skips a turn. The value of the stack does not change. Handy card when the stack is on 99.span>
Other cardsThe other cards have a corresponding value.